Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Studio = A Mess

A quick bit of an update on the state of things around here...

I'll be focusing on work in the studio over the next few days.  Though it might not be the type of studio work I'd prefer...  I NEED to get the mess wrangled in there.  I've got to finish setting up the shelves, put everything away, and get a good workable, useable space (finally).

For so long during the move I didn't have any of my supplies.  Then when they ALL arrived (along with the rest of our house), I did the minimum for getting things set up.  My primary goal was to get it to where I could wade into the middle of the mess and make things!  I did a little of that early last month.  However, I really have to finish the studio setup part of the move, before I can get creative again.

I'm pretty much at a stopping point on the Great Floss Winding project.  Although I now realize I'm missing a huge batch of floss.  (it may be buried in the studio mess, but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen it in there)  We are also missing a few other things, so we need to get into the last several boxes and find out if they are all actually missing or just haven't been located yet.  We've got another month or so before our deadline to file a claim for loss or damage during the move.  I still have to decide if I'm going to go through with the hassle of filing a claim for the damage to my horses.  I don't really feel like dealing with it, but of course the whole situation does bother me.

The hot muggy weather we've been having has really been a downer, but thankfully there have been some cool days mixed in lately.  If I want to even be able to get into the studio and make things on the cooler days, I'd better get busy on finishing the set up in there.  So that's the main plan for this week.

Stay tuned for more updates, including news on some little critters who will be keeping me company in the studio!  ;)

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