Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Quick Post: Books, Lace, Horses, Oh My!

I've been saving up a bit of money here and there and decided to do some model horse-related spending lately.

Here's the most recent arrival, a book I've been wanting for a while now.  Upon a quick flip through, I am really impressed and excited by it.

I've been thinking about my Stagecoach project lately and I hope to finally put some time in on it before too much longer.

On that note, yesterday I placed my first big order for kangaroo lace (woot!).  The first thing I ordered was black lace to use for the Stagecoach suspension (much more on that later).  I also ordered natural in a couple of widths, white, and a pretty blue-grey (jacaranda) that I think will be one of my stable colors for Blue Bennu Stables.  I'm picturing lots of pretty blue stable halters for my herd.

Also yesterday, I ordered my very first Collecta horses.  On their way to me are 4 light grey Arabian mares.  I fell in love with the mold and color, via pictures, and decided to get one for Arabian tack making, but then I decided to get a few more to try painting them.  I envision leaving one the OF light grey color, then painting the others: black, chestnut, and bay.  Then I'll have several colors to model tack on and test out colors.  It will be fun!

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  1. Hot dog I have that book. It's rare! I also bought some lace lately (!) and Congrats on getting CollectAs. I hope you like them!