Thursday, August 10, 2017

Quick Post: New Ponies!

Today these lovely ladies arrived!

I am very happy with them; I think they are gorgeous!  They are not as bendy as I had imagined, after hearing about the CollectAs being "rubbery" - though they do feel rubbery overall to me.  I wonder what they will be like to paint, I'm quite sure some people have done it.  I imagine they won't be as durable with the legs being somewhat moveable, but I've painted Safari horses and Ertls (remember those?), so I think that aspect will be fine.

In other news, I've been a bit sidetracked the past few days, working on non-horse related items for an upcoming vendor show (well, two of those shows actually).  However, today I did have a good session of organizing in the studio room.  I'm looking forward to getting things back in order there so that I can get back to work once the summer is over.

Side note: that might already be happening - we have been cool and rainy for almost a week now.


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  1. Hey! I just painted 3 and LOVE to work on them! Prepping is kind of a pain . . . the plastic is grainy or something but doesn't sand really well. They take the paint great though! When you're prepping, let me know what color the plastic underneath is- the Clydesdale I did was orange and the Friesian was deep purple- kind of cool! Have fun!