Saturday, January 27, 2024

Horses In Every Room

For many years, the only place I had model horses was in my studio room.  Without going into details, I'll just say that's the only place the person I was with wanted them to be. 

Well, after all of that was over, I had a few friends tell me they thought I should have "model horses in every room".  I thought I'd share the current location of most of my horses...

This is in the living room:

(Having the majority of my collection OUT where I can see them makes me so very happy.)

This is in the guest room, which is also my photo studio:

And then there's the latest version of my studio room.  Now I don't have to keep my whole collection in there.  So this room primarily has horses that are in work in some way or another.  Such as:

Resins (and some newer OFs up top that I just like looking at)

Customs in progress


And currently in use tack models

I do have some of my collection in the studio room, like most of my stablemates, in their holders that I made:

That's not nearly all of my model horses.  I have many stablemates, and others, that are still packed away, and many more that are out that I didn't share here.  I have more shelves and totes full of body models in the living room, along with several NIB horses.  

Currently, there is one horse in the kitchen bar area, one I'm working on prepping.  

So right now the only room that doesn't have model horses in it is the bathroom (well and the bedroom/basement - both downstairs - but sometimes I do some prep work down there, too).  

They are in nearly every room - close enough! 

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  1. This post makes me so very happy. My own house has horses in nearly every room too --- everywhere I want them.