Friday, March 2, 2012

New Books, Inspiration, WhooHoo!!

Yesterday my wonderful husband and I were in town to run some errands, namely for me to go to the dentist and get a couple of fillings.  (ouch)  Afterwards we ran some errands, including stopping by our local bookstore.  We browsed books for a little while and I found a book on wild horses that I liked, then a book on card making and scrapbooking.  Well, he bought both of them for me!  What a guy! 

-- Wild Horses of the World is chock full of beautiful photos of many types of wild horse and pony, including several that I, with a lifetime horse obsession, hadn't heard of.  The wheels have already been spinning with inspiration of custom horses I could create using this book as a starting point.

-- The Complete Practical Book of Making Gift Cards and Scrapbooking is a small, thick (512 pages!) reference for paper crafts.  Each section in it is lead by several tutorials, showing many different types of techniques.  The tutorials are followed by many, many projects with material lists and step by step instructions.  The book is LOADED with high quality color pictures, which is awesome for me, since I am a visual learner.  I'm already overloaded with ideas after just flipping through the book a few times and stopping on random pages. 

As an added bonus, I discovered a statement in the very back that says the publishing company plants and manages forests that contain 3.5 times the amount of trees used in printing their books.  That is very cool. 

I haven't had much luck yet in selling paper crafts, but to be fair I haven't given them a fair shake in my advertising either.  I've so far only really listed a few paper items for sale.  I need to put the hammer down in getting all of them photographed and listed for sale.  That, in combination with the rush of new pieces that I'm sure this book will spawn, should see me getting some of my paper goods out in the world I'm hoping!

Time to get to work!!

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