Tuesday, February 2, 2016

MOAR Reference Pictures

I've been working on more clean up, all over the house.

Yesterday I was in the studio for a while, but didn't make anything.  Instead, I shuffled some things around to put the proper items in the labeled drawers.  I definitely have to come up with another way of storing leather - and fabric - as these little drawers just won't work to hold all of it.  Otherwise, things seem to be working well and I'm very happy to finally have a place for a lot of random things that have been laying around.

I did get slightly side tracked by going through a stack of magazines for references.  A few of the drawers had been stuffed with magazines and other reference material during the move.  I had to pull them all out, to put the labeled contents in.  Instead of just moving the pile to somewhere else in the mess-- er, studio, I decided to go through them.  I tore out the pages I was interested in and cut some of the pictures out.

At some point I'm going to have to have another layout marathon, where I arrange the pictures in my reference binders.  I have quite a few pictures, articles, and so on, ready to be filed.

As always, whenever I go through my references, I want to stop what I'm doing, shove everything aside, grab a horse, and get to work.  However, that constant back and forth struggle is why 1) my studio is such an epic mess and 2) I don't actually seem to get much creative work DONE.  I'm trying to be "good" and keep at the cleaning and organizing as long as possible...  before I can't take it anymore and have to make something.  ;)


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