Thursday, February 25, 2016

All Hail Thrift Stores!

So today I went on another thrift store shopping trip with a couple of friends.  The stops included a few new to me stores.  The one I ended up being most excited about, for what I purchased, had small rolls of fabric for... 40-80 cents (USD) each!

I bought several.

The plan is to use them for making Arabian costumes.  I have a TON of fabric now for that purpose - including a few full size kimonos, a couple of larger rolls and bundles, these small rolls above, and several "fat quarters" from various craft stores.

I found a few other neat things today, as far as supplies, and I'm most happy to report that once I returned home with my finds, I was able to put them all away - in their proper places in the studio - in less than a minute.  (instead of depositing them in the mess, waiting for when I finally get organized...  *embarrassed grin*)

That small thing left me feeling very accomplished.

Another interesting find was this:

I'm not sure if you can make it out in my hasty cell phone capture, but that is a (real horse) harness saddle on the bottom and several collars in the top of the picture - with the closest one including a full bridle.  I was SO excited to find them, but sadly I did not buy them.  The harness saddle and collar with attached bridle were about $45 all together.  I was VERY tempted, but it would have taken up my whole budget for the day.  I'm thinking I may go back soon, if I can, and see if they are still there...  It is definitely a goal of mine to acquire some Japanese horse tack while we are here and this was by far the most reasonable price I've seen.  They were in used condition and the bridle definitely needed some TLC, but I still wanted them...  Maybe next time.

I did buy an authentic, used, Japanese horse shoe.  ;)

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