Saturday, December 3, 2016

Revel In The Reveal

As it turned out, I fibbed a bit in saying that the big reveal of my Copperfox would be tomorrow (which is now... yesterday).  We had another vendor show today and in the typical frantic last minute preparations, that blog post got forgotten.  Here it is now - with a title as a play on a typo that I made, which..  still works.  (Thanks, Sue!)  haha


I didn't even know that "unboxing" was a thing until fairly recently.  People do videos of them opening up their purchases; I've been watching a few of them, computers, quadcopters and such, while Jeff has them on.

So I thought it would be fun to do an unboxing blog post, of my new Copperfox horse!  (I sort of did an unboxing of my first Copperfox horse, last summer, so I guess this is appropriate.)

Here's how he arrived (I love the tape they put on their boxes - and their logo - I'm big into red foxes after all):

Opening up the outer box, here's what I saw; the boxes are colorful!

Out of the outer box.

On the front is a label telling you who's inside - and now you know!

Opening the flip top of the box:

First thing to see is a packet of fliers inside, tied in a ribbon with a bow.

The packet includes: a Thank You flier, a flier about the British model horse club, the Certificate of Authenticity (COA), a flier with the story of the model inside, and the current Copperfox catalog.

The COA, in particular, is very pretty.

Okay, papers aside, let's see the new addition to the herd!


My first, first impression is that he is darker palomino than I had seen online, I'm very happy with that!  Another thing, I had heard about these boxes with the foam inserts, but hadn't seen one of them yet.  This is very nice.

My first closer look impressions:

I LOVE his face.

Also, the subtle dappling on his rump.

Another thing that caught my eye were his hooves, I like the paint job on them too.

Time to take him out!

I was struggling with my lighting, so sometimes here he looks dark, sometimes too light.

Love that face!

Cute from the other side too.

Handsome, flashy guy.

I decided I had to get out my buckskin Cob.  I was one of the Founding Foxes on Kickstarter when Copperfox first got going and he was the reward model that I chose.  (please excuse the small tape measure I used for him to stand on, I did not have his peg handy. I don't think it's lost... hope not)

I'm impressed with the overall quality of Sovereign, especially when compared to the buckskin.  I can definitely see much improvement in the finish work from that very first run of models, to now.

However, I think they are both very handsome guys.


  1. Yeay, congratulations! :)

    I was called upon to provide a peg for one of these buckskins. I made it out of the drink straw to one of those kids'juice boxes. This plastic was stiff enough to hold the weight. I darted the uppermost part to compress-fit it inside the hole.

    1. That sounds like a good idea! I'm thinking his peg is in with the kit that came with him, still have to check on that. If not, I'll be fabricating one as well.