Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Quick Post: Bring on the Blankets!

I'm right in the middle of a Stablemate blanket making marathon.  Today I gathered together one of each of the G1 molds for fitting and blanket building.  I'm hoping to come up with sizes to fit every Breyer mold (hoping most sizes will work for several of them!) and am starting at the beginning.

Early on, I had made several of pretty much the same size; which seemed to fit a few of the larger/longer G3/G4 molds.  I got a little more specific with the latest one - for the shorter G3 Stockhorse.  And now I have a few different sizes represented above: the very short-backed/high neck/high tail G2 ASB, the G3 Stockhorse, The G1 Morgan mare (she is actually wearing another one made for the ASB, but her own is nearly done), and the long-backed G4 Para-Dressage.

I have almost all of the Stablemate molds, except for three of the newer ones.  Hopefully I can add one of each of them to the herd at some point.

Some experiments are also planned for blanket building from measurements.  That way, if there is a call for it, I can make these for other mini molds - Stones, resins, and so on, that I don't have.

Plans so far are for a basic stable blanket style and also possibly more of a cooler, without belly straps - like the ASB and Morgan mare are wearing above.

Back to work!

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  1. These small horses look amazing and pertty too. i wonder how you have maintained such a huge studio of these miniature horses. the best part is the little blankets as the horses look cute in them.