Friday, December 23, 2016

Wooden Pinch

One thing I plan to add to my Etsy shop soon are some Stablemate-scale blankets.

It's been about a year since I made my first batch of these, for a prop swap in a Stablemate group.

Oddly enough, this green one was finished up last week and sent off as part of a Secret Santa package for the same group

One of the most tedious parts of making these are gluing the strips of ribbon to the tiny wire buckles I've been making.  I have some "miniature" clothes pins that I use.

They are "miniature" in that they are shorter than regular clothes pins, but they are stubby and it's hard to get the tiny ribbon and tiny buckles situated in them.

At the magical 100 yen store, I found: Wooden Pinch!

Yes.  Wooden Pinch.

They have them in all different sizes, all labeled: Wooden Pinch.

These are smaller than the "mini" ones that I had,

but most importantly, they are narrower.

It turns out the "pinch" part is the perfect size to grip (pinch) the ribbon/buckles.  Yay!

Here are the straps for three blankets, being clamped by the Wooden Pinch.


  1. I use these for making tack, and they are amazing! Absolutely the best thing I know of for keeping tiny straps held while gluing.

  2. Lovely wee rug! Turn your wooden pegs inside out to make an even obetter clamp. Remove the spring, turn the wooden parts so the outer surface is inward and replace the spring with the twirly spring part in the groove where the brace arms went. If my explanation is clear as mud I can sed a photo. Hope your christmas was filled with peace and happiness!