Sunday, January 22, 2017

Good Day - Bad Day

This past Saturday, I went and had a riding lesson again.  Well, I paid for a lesson, but really it was just me and Mulan in the arena, free to do whatever!  Tsukako-san took a lesson in the corner of the arena, while Mulan and I rode in big L shapes along the other two sides.  The snow was even deeper this time, so I kept her mostly to the path along the fence.

I started at a walk for a bit, then trot, then eased her into a canter.  I was warned that since it was a bigger area, she would want to RUN and I would have to hold her back.  She did want to take off at first, but she also listened well.  Still, she is a little freight train!  I hadn't really had the chance yet to see how she handled, outside of going in circles, or the one time we galloped down the Yabusame track.  I now know that she can turn quickly!  She came close to unseating me just once - as I was figuring this out - but I stayed with her.  I had a lot of fun trying out different things and I was so happy that much of what I had learned about training and riding over the years came back to me (I've been afraid I would forget everything).  Particularly, I remembered things I had learned from Buck Brannaman about opening and closing doors.  I had some neat moments with that.  Mulan is certainly "handy".  

At the end of the ride, Bandi-san asked me to join her and Tsukako-san in their corner.  She took pictures of us with her phone and when I handed her mine, she asked if I'd like pictures of us running.  Yes!  So, Mulan and I took off and did a wonderful "hot lap" of the whole arena.  Bandi-san took a lot of pictures.


Where are they?

Well, that brings us to the bad day part of the post.

I had carried my phone in my coat pocket during last week's lesson and did it again this time.  At some point during my ride, I realized it was gone; it had fallen out of my pocket.  My concern was being able to find it in the deep snow.  Luckily, I found it.  Unluckily. it had been stepped on.  It was *bent*.  It worked long enough for Bandi-san to take pictures and I hoped that meant all was well, but it wasn't.

Jeff and I went into our cell phone provider and they gave me a loaner phone while sending mine off for either repairs or replacement.  They asked if I wanted to back up anything from it, but at that point it was stuck in a constant restart cycle and that wasn't an option.  I was fairly confident that my auto backup would have all of the pictures saved.

I just checked and...  yes, all of my pictures, video, etc. are preserved...  except the pictures of me on Mulan this past Saturday.  :(  I guess the backup didn't get a chance to happen before the phone went into it's death throes.


It was still a good day, afterward riding we hung out in the office for a while, having a snack, some hot tea, and good conversation,  I met a new horse-loving friend named Hana and we talked quite a bit, mostly about horses!  As we were all leaving, she shook my hand and then gave me a hug.  :)

Killed phone and all, it really was another good day.

Since I have no pictures of the day, here's a picture of my cat.  Cat pictures are always good, right?

She was passed out in between us on the couch last night, while I cross stitched and Jeff worked on one of his R/C controllers.

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