Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Quick Question: Do You Show?

I'm curious how many of my readers show their model horses, so I thought I'd ask!

Do you show?

Live show?

Photo show?



Aside from curiosity, there's another reason I'm asking.  It has to do with one of my big announcements coming later this week (or early next week).


  1. I don't, but I have always wanted to. I've never had the opportunity aside from a few Facebook group photo contests.

  2. I love to show. I do live shows and will do halter and performance but performance is my favorite.
    I want to give photoshowing a day!

  3. Live performance for me. Never could get into halter, but performance was love at first entry lol. I'd also love to try photoshowing sometime...

  4. Very lightly. I used to photo show a lot, but I don't any more. I go to one or two live shows a year. Collectibility classes are my favorite, but I also do halter and once in a while even performance.

  5. I am new to showing. This will be my 2nd year. I prefer Live Performance. What some people are able to do with their models amazes me.

  6. I would answer yes to all of these, although I don't do any of them nearly as often as I would like to.

  7. All of the above! Live shows in Australia, are hard to come by, so I, on average, attend a show every two years. Photo shows (mail-in here in Aus and international online shows) are my mainstay, and I'm a complete performance junkie!