Thursday, January 5, 2017

Quick Post - Blankets Going Up!

Thanks to everyone who answered my question on "Do you show?" it was fun to read your comments!

I spent most of yesterday working hard on one of the two things that I plan to launch very soon.  I'm hoping to possibly wrap up preparations today and then put some time into the other one this weekend.  I'm *hoping* to announce them both by Monday.  I'm not trying to be so vague, but my anxiety and negative self talk has been through the roof about both of these things ("everyone is going to laugh at you!"... and such), so I'm trying to get everything "perfect" before showing my ideas to the world.  There's no such thing as perfect, I know...

ANYway, I've just listed the very first Stablemate blanket to my Etsy shop!  I decided to start with the baby blankets.  As soon as I hit "post" on this, I'm going to be back on there listing a few more.

Then it's back to work on my oh-so-secret big ideas.  Eeee!

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