Monday, July 3, 2017

Epic U.S. Trip - BW Swap and A Good Vintage

I really don't know where time is going this spring/summer.  In my defense, I have been BUSY making things - on the Studio end and also hopping with a steady stream of small orders for our laser business.  Anyhow, here's a fairly quick post about the Swap Meet and the edition of A Good Vintage that was held at BreyerWest 2017.

Picking up where I left of, after the Open Show, it was time to get to The Phoenix (Inn) to check in, dump some stuff in the room, and rush to the Swap Meet.

Here was my table, once it was set up and I had a chance to take pictures.  Some things I had up for offer had already sold by this point.  (yay!)

I tried to bring a good selection in a small package (about half of one of my suitcases).  Up for sale were saddle pads, a handful of CM Stablemates...

... also some of my stablemate blankets, and a couple of Arabian presentation collars, with Cassie modeling Antar's set.  I also brought a few piles of tassels to show some of the "coming soon" planned color combinations.

On the other end of the table were the laser goods, all model horse themed.  Saddle stands, desktop plaques, ornaments, and demo stall signs.  I had greatly reduced the price on the saddle stands (since they took up the most room in my suitcase and I was buying horses!  haha)

After the Swap Meet, which was a lot of fun - I sold several things and..  bought several things, it was time to go back to the room and attempt to rest up for...

A Good Vintage!

A Good Vintage was held at BreyerWest on Saturday March 25, 2017.  I was more ready for this one than the Open Show, or so I thought.  The Open Show had been sold out, so I thought the only horses I'd get to show would be my "oldies".  However, a couple of last minute openings for the Open show had popped up, so I'd brought a LOT more horses than just 10 for AGV.  They might have been picked out first, but I was still writing out my cards to put with them...  the night before, after the Swap Meet.

After setting up my herd of vintage customs, I took some quick pictures.

From left to right:

Reckless (wearing his amazing halter from Jennifer Buxton) and his "son", Hazard.

(most of the stablemate crew were featured in a post I wrote about my old custom horses)

Hawke Nevarre, Crown Royale, and Days in Avalon.  

Maskav, Backflip, and Showtime.

Ashley was there too, I just love her.

As soon as I got my little herd set up, I had to go to the first workshop that I'd signed up for, so I was occupied for the majority of the Vintage show.  When the workshop was over, I took pictures of most - if not all! - of the vintage customs that were entered.  Here are a few of my favorites:

(I think this one was the big winner in the end)

Some of the prizes - they were beautiful!!

I was SO thrilled to find that three of my entries had been awarded tiles.  Ashley (hers is a pretty pink - perfect), Crown Royale, and...  Reckless!  Yes, I teared up a little; so proud of my old man!!

It was another wonderful day.  In addition to the Vintage show, I attended two workshops and I hope to talk about them too.  The educational offerings of BreyerWest were a huge draw for me.

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  1. It's nice to see your progression here! Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing.