Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Marshmallow's Big Adventure

I briefly introduced Marshmallow in yesterday's post.  In it, I said that he would be getting his own posts - this is the first!

Much like Chewie, he has been on a big adventure.  However, unlike Chewie, who made his way to Japan via the mail, Marshmallow was hand carried by me, from his former home in Pennsylvania all the way to Japan.

He traveled in a car to South Dakota and then it was time to get on a plane.

The view from our first plane, taking us from Rapid City, SD to Minneapolis, MN.

Marshmallow reviews the safety information.

At our gate in Minneapolis, waiting to board our non-stop flight to Tokyo.

I told him he'd better stretch his legs while he had the chance.  This next plane ride was going to be a long one!

Fast forward 14-15 hours or so.

Now he and Cassie, his traveling companion, took in the sights at Haneda airport in Tokyo, while waiting to board one last plane.

Rolling out for the flight from Tokyo, home to Misawa.  The Japanese ground crew at the airports wave and bow as the plane is being pushed back.  I think that is really cool.

At his new home, on the other side of the world, Marshmallow takes up residence in a place of honor right next to Antar, my NaMoPaiMo horse.  

For his first adventure out and about in Japan, and following in Chewie's hoofprints, he went to the Jingle horse parade.

Then he went sightseeing where Chewie hadn't been, to the nearby castle grounds.

Crossing a bridge to the castle.

There was a stunning Japanese garden near the castle grounds and since it was hot, Marshallow cooled off in a small stream.

Artsy picture.

It was a beautiful place.

Just last week, Marshmallow finally saw the Pacific ocean.  

He also learned of something that might want to make him step even higher!

I hope you enjoyed the first big chapter in Marshmallow's Big Adventure.  Stay tuned for more from him, Chewie, and the rest of the traveling herd!


  1. So cool! I love to see model horse adventures! That little horse has been far and wide

    1. I'm enjoying taking a pony or two along with me on my adventures here. I think of the new horses to join the herd since I've been in Japan, he has traveled the farthest. Except for my Copperfox horses, who from their creation have gone from China, to the UK, to the US, to Japan...!! But I think Marshmallow certainly holds the award for the new herd member who traveled the farthest with me. :)

  2. I was right when I said he'd have a MUCH better life with you. Like about 100 times more fun and adventurous! What an honor, to stand next to Antar.

    1. Thank you again for entrusting him to me. We have been having fun - with more to come! :)