Thursday, July 27, 2017

Model Horse Profile: The Odd Couple

When I was a kid, pretty much the only time I could add a new Traditional Breyer horse to my herd was on my birthday or Christmas.

One year, I don't remember the occasion, I was allowed to pick out TWO horses to add to the herd.

I chose the Friesian (#485) and "Tesoro" (palomino El Pastor #867).

When it came time to name them, I decided to call the Friesian "Etienne Nevare", after one of the main characters in the movie Ladyhawke.  That movie was the first time I ever saw a Friesian horse and it was love at first sight.

For my new golden Paso Fino, I asked my Granddad.  He was taking a Spanish class at the time ("never stop learning" was one of the biggest lessons he ever taught me), and he suggested the name: "El Caballo Real" (The Royal Horse).  And so my Paso Fino was named.

Since these two were bought together, they've always been together.  Whenever they are on a shelf, they stand together.  When they've been packed for a move, they are packed and ride together.

So of course when I was packing horses for a photo shoot at the beach last fall, they went together.

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