Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nice Days - Then Snow Days

Today I did a bit of sorting/organizing at my computer desk, a bit of cross-stitching, and quite a bit of online time.  I've now "liked" 50 or so other model horse artists on Facebook and have put them all on an Interest List.  I'm discovering that it's a handy way to keep up with a bunch of pages.  I have always felt inspired when looking at other people's work, particularly works in progress, so it's my plan to take a peek at what they are up to if I feel the need for some motivation/inspiration.

Winter has officially arrived here.  It is currently about 0 degrees with the wind howling outside.  Yesterday it was snowing and blowing all day.  Though this past weekend the temps were in the 60s on Saturday and 50s on Sunday...  I'm happy that I was able to get a quick ride in on Bo, Sunday afternoon, before the temperatures plummeted.

We rode up the road and across a field from the barn to check on the horse trailer for the winter

My ol' blue trailer looked good, time to head back.  I promised him a short ride, temps were already dropping thanks to a cold wind that was just getting started.

He was also able to graze on green grass, for the last time this year. 

Om nom nom

I had also cleaned his pen, trimmed his feet, and picked him a bunch more green grass to nibble on throughout the afternoon. 

24 hours later, this is what it looked like outside:

Why, hello, Winter!

I left Bo outside in his run (with shelter) for Sunday night and last night.  However, tonight the temperatures are predicted to be minus 5-6 degrees, with wind.  So I brought him into the barn.  We are supposed to have a couple nights of sub zero temps and days with highs in the low teens.

Jeff had the day off today and goes back to work tomorrow.  I'm hoping to make more progress with my (never-ending)organizational projects around the house and maybe, just maybe, get in some studio time!

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