Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Productivity FTW! and... Purge Alert

I ended up getting a lot done today, mostly domestic chores (cat boxes, guinea pig cage, three loads of laundry put away, kitchen cleaning, dish washing, juice making, and so on and so forth).  But I also got some creative type work done, if not hands on crafting things (which I would have liked to do, but tomorrow is another day - more on that down below). 

I did some research for a color scheme for an Arabian Horse Native Costume (as far as why, that'll be another time... it's a surprise).  I created a Facebook page for our laser business, did some messaging back and forth with some fellow model horse people I met at the shows, and continued to catch up on reading some other blogs.  Another little project was to create an album on the Studio Facebook page for the cross-stitch saddle pads.  I realized that though I've talked about them and put several pictures on here, I didn't have anything up on FB about them...  took care of that!

I only set foot in the Studio room a couple of times today, but I was reminded how lovely it is in there during the winter.  We were below zero for about the first half of the day, but it was nice and warm in the room, due to the sun shining through the window for a few hours each morning.  I've always loved going in there and feeling the warm carpet under my feet, even when it's subzero outside! 

However, I haven't been spending much time in there, and pretty much none since returning from the last show, save for partially unpacking.  The reason?  It. Is. A. MESS.  I haven't even wanted to go in there and deal with it.  I've been battling against the clutter in there for as far back as I can remember.  The problem?  Too much stuff.  I've done a few minor purges over the years and have donated some craft supplies here and there, but I still have too much.  I keep thinking if I can only find the perfect way to organize it, everything will be fine... but that hasn't happened yet.  The biggest contributing factor is that I have way too many creative interests - and each of those requires a bunch of supplies.

So I've been considering it for a long time and it is a tough decision to make, but I think I'm going to have make some choices in my creative pursuits that may involve stopping some of the things I like to do.  As much as I enjoy making all of the things I make, I just don't have room for all the STUFF - and I certainly don't have the time to make ALL of the things I'm into. I suppose "hoarding" supplies and future projects is a pretty normal part of the creative process, but right now my studio room is such a mess I can't hardly move in there, never mind get any work done.

I want to be able to be happy in there, light some candles, play some music, sip my coffee, and MAKE THINGS.

I think it's time for me to finally narrow my focus back to what I'm most passionate about - horses.

I think I'll start the purge tomorrow.  Oh boy...

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