Thursday, November 13, 2014

Picture Day - New and Old

Well, it's getting near the end of the day and I didn't actually start "the great purge" of the Studio room yet and it's probably safe to say it won't happen today.  BUT..  here's what I did do...

I spent hours photographing, formatting said photos, and uploading them to the Facebook page for the laser business.  Here is that page.  I think it's looking pretty good so far and I'm happy to see it's getting some Likes already! 

One product that we are making is a picture frame.  I haven't put any of them up on Facebook yet, but I did take pictures of a couple of them.  I wanted to put pictures in the frames, to show how they look and I decided to find a couple of my old model horse pictures to use for the model horse-themed frames.

This led to a bit of a trip down memory lane as I flipped through so many pictures of horses I'd painted - and forgotten about.  I know several of them were sold years ago, several more were donated to live shows.  It was fun looking through the pictures and I think I might try and photograph or scan them in to share on here.  For now, here are two of them, in our laser-cut picture frames:

I remember I had named him "Chocolate Dunit" - he was fun to paint

Some of my custom minis on my table at a live show - many years ago.

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