Saturday, November 22, 2014

One Part Excited, Two Parts "What have we done??"

Last night Jeff received some news that we knew was a possibility, but: a) we didn't expect to hear about for a month or so and b) we really didn't think would happen anyway.  He has a new job and we will be moving...  to Japan.

We've spent the last night and day feeling a mix of excitement, stress, nervousness, etc. etc. etc.  Several times since getting the news, we've looked at each other and one of us has said, "What have we done?"  Truth be told, he did apply for the job - a week ago.  But there were 3 openings for a pool of probably 20,000 people or more and he thought it was a slim to none chance.  Oh boy...

He has to be there by the end of May.  There is SO much to do between now and then.  We have a big house full of stuff to deal with, a fleet of vehicles and motorcycles, a bunch of houseplants, and most importantly - several critters.  We've already had a bit of a plan for Bo for a while now, just in case something like this happened.  He will go to stay with Jeff's family back east, since when we come for a visit we will probably go there - then I can see my Bo boy too.  We don't know yet how many, or what kind of pets we can take with us.  We already have offers from family and friends who will watch them for us if we can't take them along.  For that I'm very grateful.

It's hard for me to know what to feel.  Of course this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but I'm worried about our animals.  Our dogs are older, with some health problems, and one of our cats is terrified of everyone but me.  What if they can't go with us?  What if they can?  Is it a good idea to put them through that?  What if we leave them here and something happens to them?  That is my biggest worry with Bo, obviously he has to stay behind.

It's also hard for me not to be bummed out about some of the things I'll be missing out on, like 4 years with Bo.  I was going to do a Buck Brannaman clinic with him this coming summer.  We were going to get back into dressage lessons, which came to a halt when I hurt my shoulder last winter.  Now all of that is out.  I know I can most likely try and get back to all that when we get back, maybe, but it just seems so far away.  By then Bo will be closing in on 20 and I'll be *gulp* 40.  That's scary.

Then there's the model horse front.  I have JUST finally started showing again after so long away.  I've started meeting new hobby friends, have gone to a couple of shows, been planning for future shows, even making plans to get into performance showing - finally - and now this...  I was talking to Jeff about it earlier today and he was saying, "You can still customize, you can still make things, you can always photo show."  I love that man.  I was surprised when he brought up photo showing - he really does listen when I ramble on, haha.  I suppose it's all true. 

From a creative standpoint, now the purge of the Studio is not only something I want to do, it HAS to happen.  I most likely won't be able to take everything with me, so some hard decisions have to be made.  I think I'll be focusing on my model horse stuff, cross-stitch, tatting, maybe paper goods if I can get those supplies down to a more manageable (and portable) size.  Everything else has to go.

I suppose most of that is the stress and nervousness end of it.  I know this is a great opportunity and it will be a big adventure.  I have a childhood friend who is actually a Japanese-English translator and has been to Japan several times.  She was here visiting us over the summer and we had a great time.    I'm really hoping she can come and visit us while we are in Japan, that would be so cool!

I'm trying to stay hopeful about everything. It is scary - I've never been overseas before! - but I'm glad that I'll be with Jeff and I think we will have a great time.


  1. One of the most wonderful perks of being an Army Wife, (notice the capitol letters!), is the fact that you get to go and see places you never would in the normal world of just being a civilian. Our family went many places and my brother was actually BORN in Norway, giving him dual citizenship until the age of 21! I know this is a difficult thing to do, I do not know how I would handle my animal family in such a on that score, I surely am praying for you! But Bobbie! JAPAN!!! Yeeeehaw! I am envious! You had better take a LOT of photos and post them here on your blog! And Jeffers is can photo show and get a good handle on everything creative while you are visiting the other side of the world! Have faith! Not just in God's plan for you, but in yourself too! You can do this!

    1. Wise words as usual, Miss Cate. Of course I will be taking a TON of pictures, I am a compulsive picture taker (Thank God for digital cameras) and I will be sharing them! Critter and moving concerns aside, I really am looking forward to going. I had a huge surge of creativity when we were visiting Jeff's family in PA/NY for just a week or two - image what all I can create and get done during 4 years in a new and exciting place! ;-)