Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Minor Update


(That is an adorable fox ring that I got out of a vending machine!)

Sorry I've been so quiet.  I've been keeping busy studying Japanese for the class, continuing the house cleaning crusade, and...  creating some things off and on.

A few days ago I randomly decided to see if I could laser engrave a rock.


I present, a rock star.  ;)

That was exciting!  I'm already thinking of other rock designs that could be done.

Jeff will be home tomorrow and so I've spent the entire day in "finish cleaning the whole house mode" - aka: "No, honey, I have not been living like a bachelorette while you've been gone"...

Tealight was a big help.

Also happening tomorrow is my final exam for the Japanese class.  Eeek!  I'm not feeling very ready for it.  However once the class is over, I'm hoping to be able to enjoy my now, mostly, clean studio and get some real work done in there.

On Saturday is the next vendor show that I'll be a part of and I have not even really started getting ready for it...  So after Jeff's homecoming and my final exam tomorrow, Friday will be a flurry of show prep and probably making a bunch of last minute stuff.  Wheee!

The latest studio project, that I've started over the past few days, is another Arabian costume.  This one being much smaller than the first one I started...  ;)

Stay tuned...

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