Saturday, March 19, 2016

Costume Prep

I've been amassing a small collection of fabric that I intend to use for Arabian costumes.  I have two costumes in the works right now: the Traditional one, in shades of pink, and another that is...  Stablemate scale!  The colors on that costume are yellow, grey, and brown.

When I first started looking into making these costumes, I read about braiding embroidery floss by separating all of the stands into three groups, braiding them, and then sewing the braid side by side for halters, collars, etc.  I've been braiding floss for a bit now, starting with my first attempt at presentation set.  I also braided some lengths for the "royal" sets I have planned for Darkness Falls and Ashley (my prize Classic scale Arabians).  So far though, I've done almost all of them as solid color braids.

They last few days, I've been working on my first multi-colored braids, to match some of my fabric.  I went over to a friend's house for a craft and movies afternoon and I hauled a bunch of fabric, all of my ribbon and floss.  I started matching up colors and putting the spools of ribbon and bobbins of floss into sandwich baggies, along with the fabric in the case of the smaller pieces.

As a result of that little project, I now have fabric/ribbon/floss groups set up for at least 7-9 costumes!

I thought I'd share some of the braids and the fabric they were made for.

First up is this one in brown with a hint of green and a cream color.

It was made to go with this fabric.

Next up: light blue, dark grey, and off white.

Made for this fabric.

The last, and most recent, is my favorite so far!  It is golden yellow. green, and blue.  I love how they look.

It was made for this fabric, which is also my favorite of the fabric that I've found.

That fabric is the reason I say I've got materials matched up to make 7-9 costumes.  There are so many colors in it and I was able to find matching floss for just about all of them.  So by going with different groups of floss colors for tassels and braids, I'll be able to do several costumes with this fabric alone.

Next up will be this one: maroon, green, and sort of a sand color.

It will go with this fabric.

I've been having fun working on a bit of costume prep!

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