Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Prep Day - Sorta

My least favorite thing to do when it comes to customizing is...  prepping.  I don't know why.  I love repositioning horses, sculpting, painting, and even hairing.  The thing that comes before painting?


I think it's because I'm so picky and it feels like prepping is never done.  I always seem to find another thing I want to make look better, then another, and another.  There have been many times (in the past, before my hobby hiatus - and now) that I've thought it would be wonderful to pay someone to do my prepping for me.  But, I do like being the one who has done everything on a custom horse, so I slog away at my most dreaded creative task.

Today I decided there was nothing for it, I had to prep some horses.  Lately I've been wanting to paint some horses - very badly - but alas, I have no paint ready horses.

I wasn't sure which horses I wanted to prep first.  I ended up dumping out the whole box of unpainted stablemates that I have.

Then I sorted them by mold.  Seemed like the thing to do.

I started looking them over, envisioning all sorts of wonderful colors: appaloosa, pinto, chestnut, bay, palomino, grulla!

But first...  prepping.


For the heck of it (and probably still procrastinating, let's be honest) I decided to unwrap all of them and set them up on my desk for a little photo shoot.  

If you've ever wondered what 48 unpainted G2 stablemates might look like, wonder no more.

Pretty cool...

I'd absolutely love to say that I prepped them all today (ha!), but actually it was only these four that got attention.

All four now have their ears, nostrils, and hooves carved.  I started doing seams on the TB.  The Paso should be ready to paint...  I think.

Are they ever really ready?

I'm hoping to prep more tomorrow, maybe even paint something if I can call a prep job "good enough".

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