Wednesday, March 9, 2016

So Excited!... Now What?

Well, after wanting to for a long, long time, I finally took the plunge, or rather dipped my toe in, and bought a small container of mold builder and casting resin.

Unfortunately the resin did not come with the catalyst, so I have to see if I can find that here.

It's also a clear resin, not quite what I might want (?), but I noticed that it can be dyed.  It will all be experimental anyway - despite researching this for almost forever, I haven't actually ever done it.

So now...  I can try to make a mold and (hopefully soon if I find the catalyst) cast something!!

But... what?

I don't think I have enough here to do a horse (maybe micro minis?) but there are other things I've wished that I could duplicate lately.  Saddle trees?  Wings for customizing?  Or really get brave and try to sculpt a medallion??

I think I'm heading off to the mall today with a friend.  There is a small, nice, craft store there and I had noticed they have quite a bit of supplies for casting resin jewelry - such as: silicone molds and resin pigment.  I'm wondering if I can find the catalyst there.  If not hopefully I can mail order it.


  1. Try some wings or maybe bases for horses, be bold and make a micro mini or medallion! I bet you could do something great!

    1. Thank you, those are good ideas! I do think I might try to sculpt something "scary" like a medallion or micro mini. It would certainly be fun to try! :)