Monday, March 7, 2016

Motivation Monday - The Whole Fire

The last few days have been a busy.  Jeff came home, I took my Japanese final, we had a booth at a vendor show, and I auditioned for a signing contest.  Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and then we will have contractors coming by to work on the house.  Whew.

I'm really hoping to finally get in some studio time this week.  Also, this week, I will be mailing out my first photo show entries in... a long, long time.  :D

As always, I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Eyecatching -- !! How did your final go? Best of luck at the show, and with everything else! And I love the 'rock star' idea...

    1. Hello! Thank you! The final went well. I about made myself sick with anxiety beforehand - and during the test - but I did well and ended up with an A in the class. All of the hard work and hours of studying paid off. Now I have to get out and "use it or lose it" with my new fledgling language skills. ;)