Friday, November 25, 2016

Lazy Day

Today's been a lazy day.  We had a good Thanksgiving yesterday; we went over to a friend's place for dinner.  They made the main meal, we made the desserts.  We went over with our usual specialties: pumpkin pie, lemon meringue pie, and an apple crisp.  Plus, by request from our hosts, a pecan pie.  All made from scratch.  There were only 4 of us eating.  "You get a pie!  And you get a pie!  Everyone gets a pie!"  (or a crisp)

Side note: we had crisp and pie for breakfast today.  Oh, the perks of being an adult.

After last night's feast, we watched two movies (Captain America: Civil War and Ant Man) and a bit of the first episode of Grand Tour - the new show with the guys from Top Gear.  While all of that was going on, I was crocheting away and I managed to finish another scarf for the nursing home donation!  I think that just about brings my spontaneous crochet marathon, begun a couple of weeks ago, to a close.  The donations are due in this weekend.  I'll be posting about all of the scarves soon, maybe tomorrow.

Today we've just been mostly hanging around the house.  Jeff's been doing computer stuff.  I assembled a few more saddle stands, but other than that I've been playing Minecraft for a good part of the day.  I recently discovered that they've added llamas to the game (!!), so my latest effort there is setting up what will be a llama ranch.  (haha)

My first sighting of Minecraft llamas

I haven't played much Minecraft lately, but it's still fun for a break.  My favorite part is ranching and farming (similar to my real interests), so the addition of a new crop or animal is exciting.

Baby llama!

My first question, and possibly yours...  Do they spit in the game?  Yes.  Yes they do.

Tomorrow I need to get back to work - on laser stuff and studio stuff.  In the studio: I'm hoping to get the rest of the saddle stands put together, maybe even photographed and listed.  I'd like to make a few duct tape halters to sell (finally!) and maybe even work on one of my started Arabian costumes.

Oh, and I want to put up the Christmas tree.

I hope everyone is recovering well from the food comas and holiday happenings.

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