Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Quick Post - Saddle Stand Sales

Today I fired up the laser and cut out pieces to make several more saddle stands, two of each color to be exact.

In my Etsy shop, I already have two of each of these listed for sale.  The first run of colorful stands ended up with some minor cosmetic flaws, so I listed them as "seconds", with a discounted price.  They are still functional and still pretty, but I wasn't entirely happy with them.  This new batch should be the "nice" ones, the laser and I came to an agreement on how best to cut them out.  Included in these are the original walnut and zelkova stain - in the smooth style, versus finger-joined.  I'm hoping to get them all put together over the long weekend and possibly have them stocked in the shop sometime next week.

Also, I now have several new saddle pads listed, including the latest round in the Stitched in Japan series - which will be getting their own blog post soon.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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