Friday, September 22, 2017

Itty Bitty Blankets

Yesterday I finished up the latest batch of Stablemate blankets.

I'm very happy with how they turned out.  This is the first set where I ran the belly straps all the way to the hip darts and the top of the shoulder.  In addition to liking the look better, I found the straps are much easier to line up that way - an added, unexpected, bonus of evolving the design. 

There are 3 sizes in the lot: the Halloween themed pair fit the G1 Arab mare (and probably other G1s too).  The red set were made for the G2 Stockhorse (he's kind of a bugger to fit, with the low neck and raised foreleg).   The purple strap set was made for the G3 Stockhorse, but fits the G3 Warmblood (and probably others) as well. 

I had thought that I'd like to possibly come up with different patterns for the different generations/sizes of molds, but maybe I'll just keep doing it the way I have been.  That being: I have a basic blanket shaped pattern that I cut them all out with.  It's sized for the largest/longest of the SMs (the Para Dressage mold I think).  Then I trim each one down to fit whoever it's going to be made for.  That works okay, so maybe I'll just keep doing it that way, rather than fussing over making several patterns.  I do sometimes tend to over complicate things after all.  (what?  me?  never...)

Half of the blankets pictured already have intended homes.  The red and black is part of my first blanket commission order.  The two Halloween blankets are destined to be sent to my Spooky Swap (a Halloween-themed Secret Santa) partner on the Blab forum.  The red/red and purple strap pair are not spoken for, yet.

As with anything, I'm finding that the more of these I make, the easier and faster it goes.  I've already started on the next round and am hoping to have a deluge of these on offer soon. 

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