Saturday, September 2, 2017

Show String: New Faces

Last month I sent off my first entry for the 2017-2018 show year with MEPSA.  The results for the first division (OF) came out yesterday.  I thought it'd be fun to share several of the new faces that went to the show.

However, first is an old face, he showed last year, but I'm happy to say that he placed 2nd in the Arabian class at this first show, qualifying him for next year's Championship already.

His name is Denar.

Some of the "new" additions already had names and have gone to some live shows before we all moved to Japan.

All of the rest of these pictures were taken last October at the beach, looking east across the Pacific.

This is Strawberry Fizz:

Big and Rich:

Now to some horses that needed names.  I pulled inspiration from song titles and...  mostly from Game of Thrones.

Shameless, named after a song by The Weeknd:

Party Monster, another The Weeknd song.  She placed in Light Type Mare and the American Saddlebred class:

The North Remembers, from Game of Thrones.  He placed 2nd in Appaloosa color, qualifying him for the Championship next year.  He also earned top tens in Light Stallion and Carriage Breeds.

Kissed by Fire, another Game of Thrones-named horse:

Red Viper, another from GoT:

Cookies n' Cream, my daughter actually named him for me a few years ago.  I set her pictures of a few unnamed horses, before I went to a live show, and that's what she named him.  For his MEPSA debut, he placed 3rd in Appaloosa breed, qualifying for the Championships.  He also got in the top ten for Stock gelding and Appaloosa color:

Attraction, he's one that's had a name for a while now.  I named him after the theatre group that does stories using shadows, they were on Britain's Got Talent (or some related show) and were amazing:

Oathkeeper, another Game of Thrones-inspired name:

Galaxy, he's had that name for a long time:

Eastwatch, another from Game of Thrones:

Breaker of Chains, one of Daenerys Targaryen's (many) titles in Game of Thrones:

Jose, a little Donkey custom that I painted a looong time ago:

Samuel, another Donkey foal that I painted many years ago:

Roberto, the third amigo, Donkey foal custom I painted a long time ago:

Stormborn, another of Daenerys Targaryen's names in Game of Thrones:

Siglavy Estaria, someday I need to create a mare named Estaria, this is already her second son.  I also have an old custom Lipizzaner of mine that I named Pluto Estaria:

Dark Words, another inspiration from Game of Thrones:

Blackwater, yet another Game of Thrones name.  He placed 2nd in the Clydesdale/Shire class!:

Spoils of War, another from Game of Thrones, but the phrase is a common one anyway:

Chimney Sweeper...  I have no idea, he looked sooty, his tail is kind of sweeping the ground...?  Sometimes I come up with epic names, sometimes I don't.  Haha, I still like this one though:

I'm eagerly and anxiously awaiting the results from the AR and CM divisions of this first show.  It's fun to show OF, but the AR/CM horses are the ones I'm most invested in.  ;)


  1. I love naming horses! and yours all seem to fit. I still have a couple of my own to go. Better not confess I've never seen Game of Thrones...

    1. I used to take time coming up with names, but since I started showing I usually name horses in a rush, right before they show. Sad to say that I have a LOT more horses that still need names. Maybe I'll work on that before they are due to step into a show. This batch was fun to do. :)

  2. I used to have a real donkey named Jose! Made me smile to read about yours.

    1. Aww, thanks for that, I'm glad to bring you a smile! :) I thought it would be a cute name for donkey! :)