Sunday, September 17, 2017

State of the Studio - Introverting and Typhooning

Yesterday was the Fall vendor show here.  They are usually held seasonally, but the Summer show was skipped this year.  Due to Jeff's work schedule going - completely crazy - I was on my own at the show, manning two tables: the one for our laser business and the one for my crafts.  It was a BUSY time.  I went in the night before to help set up the tables for everyone, then set out most of our products.  Came home, made a bunch of last minute laser things that night and the next morning (with about 4 hours of sleep in between).  Then ran the tables at the show, sold a bunch of stuff, took a pile of orders, talked to 800 million people (nowhere near, but it was a lot).  Then packed up ALL the things and hauled them home.

Today was typhoon prep.  This morning I ended up battling the crowds to get my car gassed up, get some groceries, and..  wine, before the storm hits. 

After all of that, this is how I felt:

We also went around the outside of our building yesterday and today, putting things in the storage closets, tying and weighting other things down.  Jeff moved his motorcycle onto our front porch area and I moved my bonsai trees to the more sheltered back porch, but I think I'm going to actually bring them inside tonight before bed.  The storm is on its way in as I type this.

Tomorrow we are supposed to be in the storm and everyone is ordered to stay home. 

That's totally fine by me, I'm hoping to recover from my introvert hangover!