Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Craft Day!

I can always tell it's been a while when I pop on here and see the background of my blog is the wrong season.  For instance, today it was fall colors.  Um...  that was a bit ago...  So now we have an appropriate winter theme.

I really would like to blog more regularly... it's not that I don't have anything going on, it's just that I forget to come on here and talk about it.  I don't often take pictures while I'm working, so while I may have stuff to say, I don't have much to show and that would be boring, eh?

Recently, I dug out my old little "point and shoot" digital camera and made its new home in my Studio room.  Compared to our newer cameras, it is a simple little thing, but it is highly portable and is good for taking quick shots of what I'm working on. 

Yesterday was a cold, snowy day, which for me is good crafting weather.  I have been steadily crafting along, here and there, but yesterday I had an all day creative marathon.  It was wonderful!  I made some new greeting cards, did quite a bit of stamping, tried embossing by myself for the first time, and worked on some custom model horses.

Here are some pictures from yesterday!:

First up, a card that I made for my husband for Valentine's Day, which is also the anniversary of when we met.  The stamp on the front says: "Every woman wants a man who will ruin her lipstick and not her mascara".

I've had this gorgeous carousel horse stamp for a little while and hadn't used it yet.  A few days ago I made a Valentine's Day card with it and listed the card on ArtFire.  It sold!  (my first actual greeting card sale)  So, yesterday I stamped several more of them.  I'd like to do a series of cards, all different colors.

I learned how to emboss at a craft get together a few months ago, but hadn't tried it on my own.  I had these pretty tatted doily stamps and hadn't used them yet.  I tried a pad of white ink I'd bought, but it wasn't working.  I was bummed, until I remembered I'd just recently bought embossing ink and powder.  I tried it and was thrilled how they came out!:

I also cut up a bunch of scrap cardstock and paper into sizes to use for bookmarks, artist trading cards, and inchies.

Moving on, I started working on some horses.  I prepped a couple of Micro Minis for paint and then I got to this one...

I just wasn't happy with how he looked, so....  "off with his head!"

Re-attatched, next step will be sculpting his neck and some on his itty bitty head:

To show how tiny the micro minis are:

 Next up was a Breyer stablemate that I had started on last summer.  Here is how this one started out:

Last summer I had repositioned a couple of the legs.  He will be pulling.  A week or so ago, I did some preliminary fill and sculpt work on his legs.  But one major repositioning task lay ahead of us...

Again, "off with his head!"  It was just the day for that I guess....

After sanding down the top of his withers and shoulders and re-attaching the head/neck in an approximate position:

That one will also need a lot of fill/sculpt/sanding.  In researching horses that compete in draft horse pulling contests (my original plan for him) last night, I found that they tend to pull with their heads up, not down.  But I still liked the head down plan I've always had for him, so maybe he won't be a competitive pull horse, he'll just be leaning into a heavy load, or pulling a plow.

It was a good day of making stuff and I'm planning on more of that today!

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