Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mr. Sandman

I'm still not feeling 100% but am, hopefully over the worst of the crud, so I got a little bit more done today.  Did a big clean up of the kitchen - it had gotten scary! 

In the crafting department, I did more work on the latest cross-stitch pad.  I ended up with a few more rows than this done after I took the picture.  I'm already looking forward to starting on the next one.  I came across a pair of colors that look awesome together and I'm excited!:

Then I moved onto some time in the Studio, where I had company:

There was much sanding done...  much.  (my lap):

One of tonight's projects, a repaint that I'm doing for a friend.  He had a broken leg.  I fixed that and actually lengthened it, because it was shorter than the other hind leg.  Tonight I also built up the front of that hoof and did some more prep work.  I'm thinking he should be ready for paint tomorrow:

Two more that were worked on tonight.  The one on the right is another micro mini that I had prepped. She will be painted a tobiano color.  She was black, but had several (thin) coats of white paint put on tonight.  The one on the left will be a dapple grey. 

I also filled in the neck and started sculpting the cheeks and underside of the head on the bucking draft horse from a few posts ago. 

That's it for today.  Now it's time for bed!

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