Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In Progress Paintjob

I've been working on a repainted Breyer horse for a friend.  I fixed a broken leg and did quite a bit of prep work.  Finally, it was time to paint!

First I put a bit on the mane and tail, and "undercarriage" to see how things were looking:

Looking good up close, let's do this!

Starting with a few thin coats all over, except for the rump.  He will be a bay blanket appaloosa:

I had some doubts about the first color I chose - seal bay, almost black.  The dark color here below is actually what most of the body is supposed to be, with the light color as highlights in the lighter areas.  Since foals often have more lighter tones than an adult horse, I decided to see how it would look to start with the lighter color and start adding in the dark.  I wasn't liking it at all...:

So..  I whipped up a batch of a lighter bay color and one that I've used on foals before.  Once again, thin layers of body color.  This one has more red tones:

And here he is with some of the darker shading and preliminary color on the mane, tail, and legs.  This color is coming together much better:

I still have some work to do on his base color.  After that will be working on his blanket, white and spots with halos.  I'd envisioned him with a big, wild, speckled blanket, so there is still a ways to go.  I really enjoy painting appaloosa horses, especially all of the details!

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