Wednesday, October 8, 2014

All Done

Today I spent 8-9 hours or so in the shop with a view (as I have come to refer to it here).  Jeff had errands to run so he dropped me off and I spent a couple hours or so on the laser, cutting out more things to sell, then I switched to painting horses.  The majority of the time was spent finishing up one of the custom horses from long ago... 

This one has been haunting me for along time and I can't express how happy I am to have him DONE. 

I think he turned out pretty well.  Of course, as Granddad once told me: "An artist is his worst critic" - I see a bunch of flaws or things I'd like to have done better, but...  I like him.  It's a huge thing for me to say that.  I caught my self staring at him tonight after I declared him finished. 

I grabbed the camera on a whim and took a ton of pictures, before applying clear coat.  While his clear coat was drying, I kept checking him out.  I think he actually looks pretty cool and I really hope his owner will be happy with him.

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