Thursday, October 9, 2014

Goodbye, Shop With a View

Today we packed up all of our projects in the "shop with a view" and loaded them back into the car for the long drive home tomorrow.

In the midst of packing up my horse stuff:

This was our laser setup for the stay.  We were running the laser off of my laptop for the first time.  There were some technical difficulties at first, but Jeff got them all figured out.  He's a pretty handy guy:

Here are some of the things we got done with the laser over the past week or so.  I'll have a LOT of staining and other finish work to do when we get home:


The wood stove that kept us nice and warm while we worked:

Where I had been working, all empty again:

I'll miss this view...

I'm really looking forward to getting home.  I feel recharged and ready to get to WORK.  We have a ton of laser-cut stuff that needs to be finished and prepped for sale.  I need to start some advertising for those things and get some of them posted online.  I need to pick up where I've left off here on the custom model horses; I finished the "big one" and also started several others.  When we get home, I'll have exactly two weeks to prep for the show I'm going to.  (and I may be going to another show a week later!)  It will be hectic with so much to do, but I'm looking forward to it. 

I will miss the shop with a view though... 

I'm also feeling inspired to try and reinvent my Studio room at home - again.  A few nights ago I found myself on Pinterest, looking at ideas for craft room organization.  Right now my Studio at home is SO cluttered that I don't even want to be in there...  It has always been my happy place, I need to get it back to that - I plan on spending a LOT of time in there in the weeks to come. 

Big changes are coming! 

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