Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ups and Downs... Then Up Again

Day before yesterday I felt like I was on fire (in a good way).  I sent off the "big horse" (and some extra goodies, to his owner.  That was one of the projects that has been weighing on me for YEARS and it felt great to finally have it finished.  I also did some important things for the laser business - talked to the Post Office about a business account and to the bank about the same thing.  I felt like nothing could stop me!  ...

Yesterday I was in a funk...  for the whole day.  I couldn't stop crying and feeling horrible.  A few weeks ago someone I've long considered a good friend did something that hurt - a lot.  I had a good cry over it at the time, then Jeff and I went on our vacation and the whole incident was far from my mind.  I thought that was it... how wrong I was.  Every day this week, I've cried over it again.  Even two days ago, my dynamo day, started with a breakdown.  But I was able to push through it.  Yesterday was not the case, I don't know why, but I just could not get over it.

Today, so far, I seem to be back on track.  The day started with a beautiful sunrise; this is the highlight of waking up when it's still dark!

As I type this, the laser is whirring away behind me, etching and cutting some items that I plan to display (and hopefully sell?)  at the coming model horse shows. 

--- A funny side note, last night I had a dream (nightmare? haha) about one of the coming shows.  I dreamt that the show was in a remote location, on top of a cliff with a perilous stair and ladder combination as the only way to get there.  Once I made the ascent, models in tow, I realized I'd only brought my original finish models - I'd forgotten all of my custom projects!  So I rushed down off the cliff and returned home to grab them.  By the time I got back to the show it was over.  Crazy what our mind comes up with, isn't it?? ---

Night before last, capping off the dynamo day, Jeff and I went on a bit of a shopping spree for prep and finish materials for laser stuff - we bought a bunch of spray paint, stain, masking tape, drop cloths, and full up respirator mask for me to wear while working with all of that noxious stuff.  That night we also constructed a spray booth of sorts in a corner of the garage by completely enclosing it with plastic drop cloths. 

Today I plan to work more with the laser, spray and stain more of the work we finished on our trip, as well as whatever I crank out today, AND head down to the Studio to get some horses worked on.  I'd also like to start getting organized and maybe even packed for the show.  My priority will be showing my custom models, but I'm also going to take a bunch of original finish horses too.  There aren't many shows at all in this area, so I want to make the most of it! 

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