Monday, August 22, 2016

Coming Soon: Duct Tape Halters For Sale!

Yes, you read that right... I have decided that I'm going to be offering some duct tape tack for sale, starting with halters.  Eventually I hope to add bridles to the lineup and other strap goods too.  From there, who knows.  I know I'd like to make some endurance tack, since I've long thought that this stuff looks like Bio-thane, that plastic-coated nylon stuff.

You heard it here first, duct tape tack will soon be available for purchase!

Right now the plan is to list a few finished halters, but I will probably take some commissions too.  If you've always dreamt of adorning your model horse in duct tape, let me know!  ;)


  1. It does look like Bio-thane! I'm a definite maybe for endurance tack if you go that route.

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