Wednesday, August 17, 2016

World Travelers

A bit ago I had posted my (belated) discovery that two of the BreyerFest models would be Mancha and Gato.  For the first time, I HAD to have a Breyerfest SR.  So at that time I had resigned myself to having to haunt eBay after the event, in hopes of buying the pair of them.  Enter Susan Bensema Young of Timaru Star II, who offered to try and snag a "pair of pairs", since she wanted them too!

Fast forward about 5 weeks, Tschiffely's horses arrived in Japan!  Well...  the models of them anyhow.  I couldn't wait to get home from the post office, we were running several errands that day, so I opened the outer box in the car and admired the label on the inner box.

I did wait until we arrived back home, so that I didn't mangle the official box.  Upon arriving home, they were promptly freed from their box and bubble wrap.

The first thing they saw in the studio was a Bonsai tree.

Gato says: "Look at that!  The trees here sure are small..."

I think these two will join Chewie and my Copperfox Cob in the rotation of horses that I take around Japan to see the sights and document their travels.

It seems fitting.

A huge thank you, Sue, for picking them up and shipping them for me!  I love them!  :D

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  1. You are more than welcome... It'd be interesting to compare their adventures. My buckskin Gato has already been out running and canoeing.