Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nessie Laid An Egg

Like most stories, this one has a back story:

I'm one of those people who names my vehicles and generally refers to them as "he" or "she".  It started with my very first car.  The former owner handed me the keys and said, "Her name is Putt Putt".  Being a horse lover and quite familiar with the notion of having a trusty steed, it was only natural to me that a car should have a name, so I took to it right away.  Over the years there have been others: Chance, Banshee, Vin, Jethro, Appa, Phil, Sparrow.  Each would be deserving of their own blog post.

My steed here in Japan is a 1998 Nissan R'Nessa.  There are many familiar makes here: Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, but a lot of models that aren't seen in the U.S.  The R'Nessa is one of those.  Here they refer to it as a station wagon; I'd call it a small SUV.  What it is is a space anomaly.  From the outside, it is a decent-sized vehicle, but on the inside you could throw a proper party.  I've never seen a vehicle with so much interior space.

Anyway, I named mine "Nessie".  She is a good car, sporty - for a large-ish vhicle (she's a turbo!), handy - doubles as our truck here (if we need to haul something, we use Nessie).


A few days ago I wrote about how we were in the middle of a string of three tropical storms or typhoons (depending on how they were rated at the time).  The middle one, on it's way to us at that time, was expected to be the worst.  The base put out all sorts of warnings, including to secure anything that was outside.  Even the city put out an evacuation notice!  It said that residents in several districts should be prepared to evacuate in case of mudslide.  That was a new one.

The night it was supposed to start, it was raining when we went to bed.  The forecast was for rain, wind, general typhoon activity, to start in the middle of the night and continue through the next afternoon.


We woke up early the next morning to sunshine and blue skies.  The site that I use to check on storms showed that it was already up on Hokkaido, the big island to the north of us.  I think this thing moved faster than they thought it would.

We didn't find anything amiss outside, except...

Nessie appears to have laid an egg.

It's been a few days now and she is still incubating it.  I wonder if it will hatch into a dragon?  A water horse?  A tiny, yet cavernous little station wagon/SUV creature?


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  1. Oh this is too funny. I vote for a water horse. We name our cars too, ever since the beginning.