Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coming up for Air

I'm so disappointed... I was on a ROLL with posting here in my Studio blog. I had a post each day of this week, until yesterday. The reason for that was that this is Finals weekend for my college courses. Yesterday I was buried in a sea of papers for a huge Accounting project.

It was not a good day.

I had thought today was going to be much the same. I imagined myself struggling all day to put that mess together AND write a paper for my other class - both projects being due at midnight tonight!!

However, luckily I was able to knock the Accounting project into submission - with a bit of help and encouragement from the husband. I just posted the monster assignment to my classroom 15 minutes ago. I'm now on a self-prescribed BREAK before I get back at it and begin writing a 1,500 word paper.

As daunting as that may sound, I'm not too worried about it. In fact, I'm looking forward to it. The class is on something that has long been a personal interest of mine: Nutrition. I've done so much of my own studies on the topic over the years that I could probably write the paper on my own, without having to do any research.

I'm looking forward to writing the paper because it is supposed to be a personal nutrition and exercise plan - which is something I've wanted to do on my own for a while now. I eat fairly healthy and I'm in decent shape, but I've been wanting to improve on both of those things. So what may be an "arduous final project" for others, should be fun for me.

Anyway, I missed a day of blogging and that's a bummer. After I get this paper done I'll have some room to breathe. LOTS of room to breathe. I'm looking forward to getting back to crafting!!

For now, I've got a paper to write!

Then I'll return you to your regular Horse Tender Studio broadcasts. *wink*

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