Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Harvest Theme Bookmarks

Well, I finally had a chance to do the Harvest themed bookmarks that I'd had in mine for the Harvest Creative Challenge since it started. Trouble is, I didn't get them posted up last night so they weren't in time to be included. Ah well, they were fun to make anyway!

Here they are (with a link to each Etsy listing below the picture):

I really, really like how the first one turned out - the puppy playing in the leaves.  That one took the longest to plan out and to actually create.  When I finished it, I thought it was so cool and so cute that I almost didn't want to sell it!  But I did list it at Etsy this morning (with a little higher price than the others) so we'll see!  I think it is really cute and it's probably the most involved bookmark I've done - as far as planning and incorporating several different elements. 

My husband has had the idea for me to do high resolution color copies of some of my bookmark designs.  He says that I could then print out as many as I wanted, over and over.  I kind of like the idea, but I'm not sure.  I do like making handmade, one-of-a-kind designs.  Although in the case of some, like the Autumn Fun puppy design above, I'm tempted.  The supplies I used to make that one are things that I bought a long, long time ago.  I don't have the supplies left to make another one.  It is truly a one-of-a-kind.  I think that makes it special, but I also like it enough to consider making copies of it.  I'm just not sure...  I may consider doing prints of certain designs in the future, just to see how they turn out.

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