Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Etsy Challenge!

I'm a rank beginner over at Etsy, but today I saw a post on the forum about a Creative Challenge with a Fall theme and I jumped right into the fray! Here's how it works: Everyone who accepts the Challenge has until next Tuesday, October 19th, to create a new item in Harvest colors - using only supplies that they currently have. Then list the items in their shop and provide the links in a Challenge thread. The plan is to create Etsy Treasuries with the items.

This fun event was suggested by DesignedByLucinda and so far it looks like 50 or so people have accepted the Challenge. I'm so excited, because I have been itching to do some new work and it's nice to have a theme, and a deadline. *wink* I'm thinking I'm actually going to create a few items for the Challenge - I already have some ideas!

Oh, and here are two blogs that have made posts about this Creative Challenge:

Rox & Things

The Mushroom Grove

The Mushroom Grove posted a list earlier today of the Etsy shops that had accepted the Challenge so far.


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  1. I'm with you on the deadline. Love it! Looking forward to playing. :)