Friday, October 22, 2010

Endless Promotion Activities

Yesterday I worked on the Studio site for a little while.  I added text to all of the pages, pictures will come next.  I've been procrastinating working on pictures for the site because it will be a bit of an involved project - resizing all of the pictures just so and then writing the code for all of them.  A bit more to it than uploading pics here, or on Etsy or Facebook. 

Speaking of Facebook, I worked on the Facebook Fan Page for the Studio yesterday as well.  I created it several months ago but it hasn't been published yet.  That time is drawing near.  I'd like to publish that page and start inviting people this weekend.  I've had a Fan page for Nail Necklace up and running for a little while as well and have gotten sales from it even though it's pretty much on autopilot.  I need to start inviting more people and posting from that page too.

Today is going to be a bit of a strange day.  I want to work on promotion and so on some more, but I also need to get ready for tomorrow.  Tomorrow we are loading up the horses and going to a Mounted Archery clinic.  Yes, that's shooting a bow and arrows off of a horse!  This will be my third clinic and I'm looking forward to it.  I have a handful of things that I should do today to get ready for it.  And for good measure, I have a school assignment due in my new class. 

It's gonna be a busy day, I guess I'd better get started!

(Oh, and in other news - I had another sale at Etsy late last night!  That was a nice surprise right before bed.)   :)

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