Sunday, October 24, 2010

Horse Archery and Exciting News!

Yesterday my husband and I went to a Horse Archery Clinic. 

Here's a picture of me taking a shot.  Photo taken by Lucia Roda, the hostess for the event:

I wasn't able to take my horses as I'd originally planned, but we still had a fantastic time.  This was my third Horse Archery clinic.  I was extremely excited when the teacher of the clinics, announced that he would like to have a bow building clinic in the near future.  He was asking if anyone would be interested and I was almost jumping up and down.  I want my own bow and arrows so badly and I have always, ALWAYS wanted to learn how to make a Plains tribe bow.  

Other exciting news from yesterday...  In the past I have mentioned my desire to create an original resin horse to benefit the preservation of Spanish Mustangs.  This cause is very near to my heart as I own one of these rare, incredible horses.  Well, yesterday I was told by someone involved in the preservation of these horses that they would like me to make a resin horse for their project!  I will reveal more details as I know them, but I know right now that it will be modeled after a gorgeous dun Spanish Mustang stallion.  It will be the size of a Traditional Breyer - approximately 9 inches tall.  Once a pose has been decided on and I have some reference pictures, I'll get busy sculpting! 

I'm very excited! 

Today my husband and I are going up into the Black Hills to do some exploring via Jeep and our hiking shoes.  It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day for it. 

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