Friday, October 15, 2010

First Etsy Sale - A Special One

Yesterday I had my first sale from my Etsy shop, which was also a custom order. A woman sent me a message on Etsy, asking if I could make a custom cross necklace for her. It was to be given to a dear friend who's mother had passed away from cancer. I told her that I would be honored to make this cross for her.

My Granddad was the only "dad" I ever knew. He was, bar none, the most influential person in my life. We lost him in 2004 to a very aggressive brain cancer. No one in the family had ever suffered from cancer before. It only took 6 months from diagnosis until he was gone, and that was with brain surgery to remove as much of it as they could.

I still miss him greatly.

I made the memorial cross last night and will be sending it out to her today. This was a very special project for me to do and I really hope that she, and her friend, like it.

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