Friday, February 6, 2015

Day Eight - Thinning Out The Herd

I ended up finding new homes for three of my little custom Stablemates today.  The man who loved the blood bays came by again and wanted a price on the stallion (G2 Andalusian) and mare (G2 Paso).  I sold them both to him for less than what I would have asked for one - and threw in a G1 foal painted to a baby bay too. 

I talked to him a bit more and it turns out he collects all sorts of horses. He makes little displays with  corrals for them built out of branches and twigs.  I told him some about the model horse hobby and he was really surprised to hear about live shows.

A little while later he asked me for a price on four more horses!  We didn't settle on a price yet, but are going to do some wheelin' and dealin' tomorrow, haha.

Also, a young girl stopped by that we'd met at the live show here back in October.  She wanted prices on the ones who aren't "sale pending".   She said she might be back tomorrow.

I'm wondering if I might end up selling or giving away almost all of my little sale herd by tomorrow!

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