Monday, February 2, 2015

Day Four = Stock Show Stitching

Today was a slower day at the stock show and I was able to get some stitching done on another saddle pad. 

I actually started working on it during the first day and have been doing a bit here and there each day during the slow times.  But today I finished the black stitching.  Now to decide on a color for the diamonds...

Funny side story, it seemed that every time I went to the bathroom, something cool happened while I was gone.  Other vendors stopping by to visit and tell us about cool business service they offer, or sales being made, or custom orders placed with us.  At one point during the SLOW evening time, my husband told me I should go to the bathroom again - ha!


  1. Love that pad! Maybe you should do pink or green? My all time favorite color combo with black is purple and blue but it's kinda more for fun than the show ring.

    1. Thanks! I just finished a pink one, in this same design. Before that, I did it in red (my first one in this pattern). I was actually thinking of doing green next. :) Blue and purple would be good too. I like this diamond design that I came up with - I'm planning to make a bunch of them in all different colors!