Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Indoor Gardening Day

Today I had planned to spend more time in the Studio, working on the saddle.  Instead I ended up gardening all day - in the kitchen.

I have a bunch of houseplants and, by far, the most prolific are the leopard lilies.  I started with ONE plant several years ago and have since split it and its splits into hundreds of other plants.  I do a round of this about every six months or so and then sell or give away the results.  I guess you could say I'm a bit of a leopard lily farmer.  Unfortunately, due to the coming move this will most likely be my last round of indoor farming.  I can't take any of my plants with us and that has me depressed.  I love my little indoor jungle and I enjoy our vegetable garden outside, which has gotten bigger and bigger each year.  All of the outdoor gardening will have to be put on hold  for a while and I need to find homes for all of my plants soon, not just my baby leopard lilies.  :(

Tomorrow I'll be back at work in the Studio, I've got a saddle to work on!

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