Sunday, February 15, 2015

Repurposing - New Saddle Pad

Today I finished up my latest saddle pad.  I started this one during the Stock Show.  It is another of my 14 count diamond design; I've made three of them now - red, pink, and green. 

This one is the first I've done with a color in the center of the diamonds other than black or white.  I think it turned out pretty cool and it certainly gives me plenty of ideas for other color combinations with this pattern.  (more on that down below)

Another interesting thing about this one is that the fabric I used for it is actually repurposed.  I was going through all of my cross-stitch stuff recently, to purge some things.  I had this baby bib that I had bought ages ago and thought would be cute to stitch someday.  I never did, so I was going to toss it into the donate/sell pile, when I decided to see if I could fit a saddle pad on there.  Yep.  So, that's what I did!

I thought I might just keep going with making more 14 count diamond pads.  This design could be done in a ton of different color combinations (even more now that I've played with a different color in the centers), but I'm feeling like I need a change.  So this afternoon I started sketching out the pattern for another brand new design, an 18 count pad based on another real show pad I stumbled upon online.  I think I'll be copying the color scheme - off white, tan, teal/sea green, and black.  It should be pretty when I get it done.  The 18 count pads take a lot longer to do, but they are really neat when they are done. 

I had figured 18 was the highest I'd ever go...  but I may have bought some 22 and 28 count recently...  ;)  I'd like to try at least one in those sizes.  I really think the 28 would be fun to use for Stablemate pads.  I do want to make some of the in between sizes too - Classic and Little Bit.  The 22-28 should be good for them too.

For now I'm off to start going through some of my books.  We have a lot of purging and cleaning to do.  We're just under 3 months until the big move - yikes.

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