Sunday, February 22, 2015

Painting Plans

I'm trying to pull myself out of the funk I've been in for the last couple of days.  Today I decided it was (past!) time to start getting ready for the shows that are coming up over the next couple of weeks.  So I printed out the classlists and made up my entry charts to start figuring out who will be going.  However, the main reason I did it tonight was to try and see what custom horses I might try to finish to fill holes in my show string.  I have a BUNCH of started custom horses.  Tonight I went through them and lined up several as potentials to be finished over the next week or two for the shows.

On the top shelf of my desk is where I've had most of my started custom minis hanging out.  I rearranged them tonight so that the front row are the ones I'm planning to work on first.

I had originally planned to take pictures of each of them individually, but for right now I took some group shots.

From left to right (what they are - and what my plans are): G1 Swaps - black overo, G1 TB mare - dark grey, G1 Drafter - I think I'll do him as an Italian Heavy Draft in some sort of dark liver chestnut, Hartland Drafter - bay, Ertl rearing - grulla.

G2 TB - buckskin tobiano, G3 Jumper - chestnut appaloosa, G2 Mule - black, G2 TB - burgundy chestnut, G3 Mustang - black splash white, Ertl drafter - chestnut appaloosa (Sugarbush)

G1 lying foal - bay overo, micro minis - chestnut appaloosa and black tobiano Pintabian, Ertl lying foal - black appaloosa, G1 standing foal - some sort of tobiano I think, standing micro mini (repositioned)...  not sure on color.


I also cleaned up my desk tonight.  Well, as clean as it's been in a long time.  Then got it set up to start a painting marathon tomorrow.

Oh and here's the latest on the saddle:

I did get the stirrup stitching done and am pretty happy with it.  I got the stirrups hooked to the fenders and have the cinches put together too.

The show in two weeks has a performance division.  If I can get the saddle done (and IF it looks decent) and I think I can come up with a few entries, I might try performance showing for the very first time!  (eeek)

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